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Westside Story - Tilson Thomas - SFO 2 SACD's


hybride superaudio CD

Componist Leonard Bernstein (1918 - 1990) Nummer 148146 Uitgever Avie Challenge Omschrijving

Review by: David Hurwitz

Tilson Thomas Leads A Brilliant West Side Story

Artistic Quality: 10
Sound Quality: 10

In an interview included in this release’s smartly produced booklet, Michael Tilson Thomas responds to Leonard Bernstein’s speculation that West Side Story would “change the face of American musical theater” with this shrewd observation: “That didn’t really happen. West Side Story is a stand-alone piece. Bernstein never wrote anything like it again. And although others have tried, nobody succeeded in doing something similar.” This, I think, is exactly the answer. There are certain pieces of music that are simply so “right” for their time and place, that capture a style or create a distinctive idiom with such inevitability, that they seem not so much “composed”, but rather it’s as if they emerged fully formed through a process of spontaneous generation. Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring may be the iconic example of this phenomenon, but West Side Story is surely another. It encapsulates a special moment in American musical culture, and for that reason it remains unique, and unrepeatable.


Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony, Chris Meissner, David Michael Laffey, Justin Keyes, Kevin Vortmann, Louis Pardo, an Francisco Symphony Chorus, Zachary Ford, Cheyenne Jackson, Alexandra Silber, Cassie Simone, Jessica Vosk, Juliana Hansen, Louise Marie Cornillez, Kelly Markgraf,

1. Prologue 3:56
2. Jet Song 3:37
3. Something's Coming 2:57
4. Dance at the Gym: Blues 2:16
5. Dance at the Gym: Promenade 0:29
6. Dance at the Gym: Mambo 2:27
7. Dance at the Gym: Cha-Cha 0:47
8. Dance at the Gym: Meeting Scene 1:52
9. Dance at the Gym: Jump 0:56
10. Maria 2:48
11. Balcony Scene 1:39
12. Only You 6:01
13. America 5:19
14. Cool 4:24
15. One Hand, One Heart 5:35
16. Tonight 3:52
17. The Rumble 3:05
18. I Feel Pretty 4:10
19. Ballet Sequence: Allegro agitato 0:41
20. Ballet Sequence: Lo stesso tempo 0:37
21. Ballet Sequence: Adagio 0:34
22. Ballet Sequence: Scherzo 1:29
23. Ballet Sequence: Somewhere 2:27
24. Ballet Sequence: Procession & Nightmare 2:20
25. Ballet Sequence: Adagio 1:24
26. Gee, Officer Krupke 5:00
27. A Boy Like That 2:30
28. I Have a Love 3:33
29. Change of Scene 0:29
30. Jukebox, Taunting Scene 2:25
31. Finale 2:48

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